Two Wins Foundation pushes for YMCA

Co-Founder, Terrence Maiden, of Two Wins Foundation plays a big role in selection of YMCCA

Co-Founder of, Terrance Maiden plays an instrutmental role in the YMCA-Oak Cliff Branch being selected for Texas Real Estate Council (TREC) - Associate Leadership Council 2008 project. The Associate Leadership Council is a leadership development program of The Real Estate Council designed to encourage individuals, 27-37 years of age, in the commercial real estate industry to assume leadership roles in the greater Dallas community. Leadership development will include monthly programs, government affairs, neighborhood revitalization, mentoring and networking. The program culminates in a community service project that benefits a nonprofit community organization, which for 2008 will be the YMCA Oak Cliff. The project is designed and executed by the class and underwritten by a grant from TREC Foundation and in-kind donations from commercial real estate firms. Terrance Maiden shared that  I grew up in Oak Cliff and was a member of the YMCA.  "My experience at the Y made a trememdous difference in my life and I am thrilled to see the member of ALC investing their time, talents, and resources for such a great cause".

Two Wins