Heading to TCU

Frogs for a Day

By Dallas Morning News |  January 29, 2010


FORT WORTH//: About 200 junior high and high school students got the opportunity of a lifetime over the weekend. Not only did they get to hit the sidelines at Saturday’s TCU game, they also became a “Frog for a day.” Former Frog Terrance Maiden actually dreamed up the idea with the help of his twin brother. Together they are the co-founders of the Two-Wins Foundation. "It's a vision that my twin brother Tim and I had a long time ago when we graduated from TCU. We wanted to do something special to give back," said Maiden.

Two-wins Foundation works with non-profit agencies to give inner city kids an experience they may never get otherwise. One of those agencies is Gentlemen's Society. "Basically we talk about different situations that can help us in our future and present," said Akeem Galloway, with Gentlemen's Society. "Right now we're talking about our 5 year plan and our goals and what we want to do with ourselves." As a high school senior, Galloway said he already has his plan mapped out. “Mine is basically to go to college either Stephen f. Austin or TSU for business accounting, and someday own my own business," said Galloway.  This is the second year Two-Wins has done “Frog for a Day.”  During the summer, they also take kids on a tour of SMU.

Two Wins