ELEVATE is a strategic partnership with Two Wins and the University of North Texas at Dallas to host a Male Leadership Academy.  ELEVATE is a comprehensive, business-oriented, all-male leadership/entrepreneurship academy designed to develop future business leaders and entrepreneurs.  A select group of 65 rising 10th, 11th and 12th grade students will be offered the opportunity to experience the campus life, while learning leadership skills, business etiquette, entrepreneurship, and the college admission process.

 As a one-week intensive academy, ELEVATE will keenly focus on leadership development skills for young men.  The academy bases its curriculum on five core leadership skills necessary to become a successful leader: Challenge, Connectivity, Creativity, Communication and Confidence. These young men are expected to learn and incorporate these skills throughout their time at ELEVATE.  Successful leaders from various industries, businesses, colleges and fraternal organizations will serve as mentors.

ELEVATE strives to provide each student a comprehensive plan to become a well-equipped entrepreneur and emerging leader through the following initiatives:


Develop Elevator Speech - Personality Assessment - Coping Techniques - Mock Interviews - Resume Writing - Entrepreneurship - Campus Experience - Business and Dining Etiquettes - Financial Literacy - Networking - College Admission Process - Team Building - Life Coach



Dads, our African American boys need you. Here in Dallas, crime is at an all-time high. Teenage suicide is on the rise nationally. This Father's Day, we wanted to make a call-to-action out of sheer love to our beloved men.  This project was inspired by ELEVATE (a Two Wins initiative) and features the young men who went through a week-long summer leadership camp. Directed by Emmy Award Winning, Laterras R. Whitfield (2019). #EverybodyNeedsADad